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staffordshire bull terrier behaviour

This is a discussion on staffordshire bull terrier behaviour within the Dog Training and Behavior forums, part of the Dog Forums category; Hi, I went to the animal shelter today with my partner and we decided to take a 5year old staffordshire bull terrier for a walk around the shelter... He was fine walking and he let us stroke him he seemed ... staffordshire bull terrier behaviour

staffordshire bull terrier behaviour

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I went to the animal shelter today with my partner and we decided to take a 5year old staffordshire bull terrier for a walk around the shelter...

He was fine walking and he let us stroke him he seemed comfortable with us, but i think some sudden movements he doesnt like. Eg i went in my handbag quickly and he looked like he was going to turn on me.

We are taking him home tomorrow but how will i know if he will turn on me and bite me ?
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Hello Mel ,

Well personally I love big and strong dogs like staffordshire Bull terriers, but please note that these dogs are usually being classified as high energy level dogs and you should make them socialized which need lots of time but please note that this breed (just like other strong breeds like Rottweilers , Americal Pit Bulls) are great learners so with some extra time you will be able to (lets say) train your ideal dog.

I strongly suggest you to purchase Cesar Milan's Mastering the Leadership book and DVDs :

Ok, Here is some important points which you should always (27/7) keep in mind and try to take care of :

To be able to control your dog please remember that this is a DOG not a human, we all love our pets but we should know that to have a happy dog we should always treat him with a dog psychology (not as a human) and this will also help us to have a better vision of the way we are gonna train him. SO...

- Try to be the dogs pack leader
This is a very important point because dogs are made to leave in packs and always there is one pack leader and the others are followers so the most important step in training your dog is to be the pack leader.
To be a pack leader you should know that you are the one here who sets the rules , for example where to go, where to sleep , what ( and when) to play and such ...

You should always be firm.

One of the best ways to start is to walk with your dog, (1 hour a day at least) ...
While you are walking with him try to keep the leash on topper side of his neck ... do not keep it so tense all the time..
You dog should always walk beside and a little behind you since you are the pack leader ... when he do something which he shouldn't , you should suddenly pull the leash to give him a shock and you should make a sound like (SHHH !!!) or say NO !! (or what ever you want as a negative response) to take him out of that state of mind (for example if he is gonna bark or attack a car this will help you to take him out of that state of mind) but please note that for the first days which you are gonna show him who is the leader (in other words WHO is the BOSS ! ) try to select a quite neighborhood...

Here is two videos which Cesar Milan is dealing with Rottweilers :

You can find many more videos from him in youtube but this two cases are about Rottweilers which almost has the same personality as your dog.

Please note that your body language should be like the pack leaders ... never get scared when he barks and always try to keep reminding him his boundaries and limitations by saying NO!! or SHH!! or ...

- Always give him affection when he is calm and submissive
So this will encourage him that being in this state of mind will give me so many advantages like affection or pieces of food as a praise ...

About the Dogs Aggression :
Never Blame your dog's breed for aggression , Any breed can cause trouble. The difference between an aggressive Chihuahua and an aggressive pit bull is that the bigger breeds can cause proportionately bigger damage.
For many fear and aggressive dogs, it is a lack of adequate dog exercise that is the root of the dog problem behavior. Dog exercise burns the dog's excess energy and helps maintain the dog's healthy state of mind. This is important because, in order to talk to the mind, you need to remove the energy from the body.

With dog on dog aggression, your dogs are asking you to step up as the pack leader. Animals select pack leaders because they instinctually know who is strong and who can best lead them. An animal pack leader is concerned for the pack, not for himself. His natural instincts are protection and direction for the entire pack. It’s an unselfish role and an instinctual role. And in return, the pack completely trusts the pack leader. You need to earn your dogs’ trust, loyalty, and respect before the dogs will look to you as their leader and you do this by giving them rules, boundaries, and limitations.
Once your dogs see you as their pack leader, the dog on dog aggression will stop as they stop fighting for dominance because you will be their calm-assertive pack leader.

It is important to understand that red zone dogs are usually frustrated dogs. as I mentioned before to control a powerful breed, you need to master the position of pack leader. The sheer size and strength of a pit bull, Mastiff, Cane Corso, Rottweiler, or any other large dog can quickly transform a frustrated and dominant animal into a serious threat. You must gain control of the situation and dog behavior before it escalates.

When dealing with red zone dogs, I start by working with the owners, explaining how to establish themselves as the pack leader and to understand the animal in their dog. This is a crucial part of rehabilitating your dog and overcoming dog problems: changing YOUR behavior. If you revert to your old ways, so will your dog.

OK , So WHEN is the best time to train your dog ?
The best time is after a long walk when his energy is drained and he is calm... so using back packs (which you can fill with bottles of water) can help you so much to make him more tired.. then you can start training him , for example train him not to bark or attack other dogs and such.

- Training your dogs is a 24/7 job , which means whenever you noticed that your dog is crossing the line you should take the needed action.

- Try to see more videos from Cesar Milan or Purchase his book , it can be so helpful to you.

Good Luck.
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staffordshire bull terrier behaviour

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