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Wirehaired Vizsla

Wirehaired Vizsla - Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds

Wirehaired Vizsla : Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds; Wirehaired Vizsla Ratings: Ease of Training: 7 /10 Intelligence: 8 /10 Shedding: 5 /10 Watchdog: 8 /10 Guard Dog: 6 /10 Popularity: 6 /10 Size: 7 /10 Agility: 9 /10 Good with Kids: 10 /10 Wirehaired Vizsla Attributes: Life Expectancy: 12-15 years Litter Size: 5-10 puppies Group: Miscellaneous Class Recognized ... Wirehaired Vizsla

Wirehaired Vizsla

Wirehaired Vizsla

Wirehaired Vizsla

Wirehaired Vizsla Ratings:

Ease of Training: 7/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Shedding: 5/10
Watchdog: 8/10
Guard Dog: 6/10
Popularity: 6/10
Size: 7/10
Agility: 9/10
Good with Kids: 10/10

Wirehaired Vizsla Attributes:

Life Expectancy: 12-15 years
Litter Size: 5-10 puppies
Group: Miscellaneous Class
Color: Golden rust in varying shades. Red, brown or yellow colors are faulty. The ears may be slightly darker than the body; otherwise the coat color is uniform. White on the forechest or throat, not more than 2 inches in diameter, as well as white on the toes is permissible and common. Solid white extending above the toes or white anywhere else on the dog except the forechest and throat is a disqualification. White due to aging or scars from hunting is not to be faulted.
Hair Length: Medium
Size: Medium
Shedding: Moderate Shed
Male Height: 22.5-25 inches (57-64 cm)
Male Weight: 45-60 pounds (20-27 kg)
Female Height: 21-23 inches (53-60 cm)
Female Weight: 40-55 pounds (18 - 25 kg)
Living Area:
The Wirehaired Vizsla is not recommended for apartment life. It is moderately active indoors and does best with at least an average-sized yard.

Complete information about Wirehaired Vizsla Breed:

Overview :

The Wirehaired Vizsla is a sporting dog that originated in the country of Hungary. These dogs are loyal companions. They are also one of the smallest of the retriever breeds. Many people feel that one of the best characteristics of the Wirehaired Vizsla is its small size. It is interesting that even though this breed is a sporting dog it is also prized as a companion dog and famly dog. The Wirehaired Vizsla is reasonably easy to train. They have a good nose and are natural hunters. They have an inborn protective instinct and are fearless. This breed can also be described as affectionate, mild mannered, lively, and sensitive. The life expectancy of the Wirehaired Vizsla is between 12 -15 years.

Wirehaired Vizsla History :

According to Hungarian history, the Vizsla has existed from early times. Many accounts of history indicate that the forefathers of the Vizsla were the admired hunting dogs of the Magyar tribes of the 8th century. This is also indicated by stone etchings that have been shown to be over 1000 years old. In the year 1357, the Vizsla was mentioned in the publication the Illustrated Vienna Chronicle. This is the first known written mention of the Vizsla. The Vizsla breed has survived much turmoil. From the years 1526 – 1696, they overcame the Turkish occupation. In 1848 – 1849, they survived the civil war in Hungary. They also survived the two world wars and also the Russian occupation. In the 1800s, they almost became extinct because of the emergence of the German Shorthair Pointer and the English Pointer. At the conclusion of the second World War, this breed was again on the brink of extinction. At that time, there were reportedly only about 12 true Vizslas remaining in Hungary. From that small number of dogs, the breed began to rise to prominence. The different strains of this breed have developed as dogs were bred that fit the hunting style of its owners. At the end of the second World War, the Vizsla came to the USA. Eventually, the Vizsla Club of America was formed to help this breed gain recognition from the AKC. Finally in 1960, the Vizsla was recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) This breed was the 115th breed that has been recognized by the AKC. In Great Britain, the Vizsla is one of the 50 most popular breeds. Each year, around 1000 Vizsla puppies are registered with the KC each year. The KC is the Kennel Club of Great Britain. In the 1930s. the Wirehaired Vizsla began to be developed. It was observed that some vizsla dogs had coats that were thicker than some of the other dogs. This gave them better protection from the elements. eventually, one of these dogs was cross breeded with a German Wirehaired Pointer by Vasas Jozsef. The Smooth Vizsla and the Longhaired Vizsla are cousins with the Wirehaired Vizsla. The Longhaired version of this breed is not registered by any official organization.

Wirehaired Vizsla Temperament and Character :

The Wirehaired Vizsla is expressive, gentle, and loving. Keen and trainable to a high degree, they need mental stimulation daily. They need a patient, calm, firm hand. If they do not see you as a strong authority figure they will become stubborn. Reliable with children, loving to play for hours. Without extensive daily exercise they may be too energetic and excitable for very young toddlers, but are excellent for energetic kids. Able to adapt quickly to family life, and are generally good with other dogs. They are very athletic, and when lacking in exercise they may become destructive or neurotic. Socialize them well to people, places, noises, dogs and other animals. It is very important to obedience train your Wirehaired Vizsla. Without enough exercise, they can be overly eager, prancing around you in sheer excitement. This breed is highly trainable and very willing to please; if you can get them to understand exactly what it is you want of them. If you do not train this breed they may become difficult to handle and control. Example: See Video of a Vizsla who needs more exercise. Notice how very eager to please the dog is, yet has more built up energy than she knows what to do with. She is obviously stressed and not relaxed. Wirehaired Vizslas tend to chew. This breed is not for everyone. If you want a calm dog and are not willing to walk a couple of miles or jog at least one mile a day, do not choose a Wirehaired Vizsla. Without proper exercise, they can easily become high-strung. They have many talents such as: tracking, retrieving, pointing, watchdog and competitive obedience. The Wirehaired Vizsla is a hunting dog and may be good with cats they are raised with, but should not be trusted with animals such as hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs etc... Be sure to always be your dogs pack leader to avoid any negative behaviors such as guarding furniture, food, toys, and so on. Well balanced Wirehaired Vizslas, who receive enough exercise, and have owners who are true pack leaders will not have these issues. These behaviors can be reversed, once the owners start displaying leadership, discipline, and provide enough exercise, both mental and physical.

Wirehaired Vizsla Health Care :

The Wirehaired Vizsla is prone to hip dysplasia. Other potential risks are cancer, epilepsy, thyroid disorders, and von Willebrand’s disease.

Wirehaired Vizsla Grooming :

The Vizsla breed comes in two coat varieties: the Smooth and Wire. The Smooth is short, dense, close to the body, and shiny. There is no undercoat. The Wire is hard, harsh, and loose fitting. There is no gloss or shine. There is a winter under-coat and the hair is brush-like on the back of the forelegs, head, muzzle, and ears. It is easy to keep in peak condition. Brush with a firm bristle brush, and dry shampoo occasionally. Bathe with mild soap only when necessary. The nails should be kept trimmed. These dogs are average shedders.

Wirehaired Vizsla Training :

The Vizsla needs both socialization and obedience training at an early age. Owners of this breed must make their authority clear right from the start. They are eager to please and quick to learn. The Vizsla displays their talents in the areas of tracking, pointing, retrieving, and competitive obedience. Harsh methods of training will ruin this breed. They need firm, fair, and consistent training.

Wirehaired Vizsla Activity and Exercise :

The Vizsla is an extremely active breed that requires strenuous activity daily. They thrive in a large fenced area or a leashed jog with their owner. They also require mental stimulation, such as play sessions with their family to ensure their happiness. They are not recommended for apartment dwelling due to their enormous stamina.

Wirehaired Vizsla Photos:

Wirehaired Vizsla breed Photo
Wirehaired Vizsla breed Photos

Wirehaired Vizsla breed Photos

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Wirehaired Vizsla

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