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Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo - Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds

Lagotto Romagnolo : Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds; Lagotto Romagnolo Ratings: Ease of Training: 7 /10 Intelligence: 8 /10 Shedding: 1 /10 Watchdog: 7 /10 Guard Dog: 5 /10 Popularity: 5 /10 Size: 5 /10 Agility: 9 /10 Good with Kids: 10 /10 Lagotto Romagnolo Attributes: Life Expectancy: 15-17 years Litter Size: 4-6 puppies Group: Miscellaneous Class Recognized ... Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo Ratings:

Ease of Training: 7/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Shedding: 1/10
Watchdog: 7/10
Guard Dog: 5/10
Popularity: 5/10
Size: 5/10
Agility: 9/10
Good with Kids: 10/10

Lagotto Romagnolo Attributes:

Life Expectancy: 15-17 years
Litter Size: 4-6 puppies
Group: Miscellaneous Class
Color: Off-white solid color, white with brown or orange patches, brown roan, brown (in different shades) with or without white, orange with or without white. Some dogs have a brown to dark brown mask. Tan markings (in different shades) allowed. The colors have a tendency to fade to a more diluted shade as the dog ages, sometimes to such an extent that the brown areas can appear as a silvery/gray roan. All the above colors are equally desirable including faded or diluted colors.
Hair Length: Medium
Size: Small, Medium
Shedding: Very Lite Shed / Does not shed
Male Height: 17-19 inches (43-49 cm)
Male Weight: 28-35 pounds (13-16 kg)
Female Height: 14-16 inches (36-41 cm)
Female Weight: 5-6.5 pounds (11-14 kg)
Living Area:
Apartment living will do fine as the dog is rather small. Some are even known to be couch potatoes. The Lagotto though are energetic working dogs and they would need plenty of exercise. This is a dog for an active owner who would take the dog walking 3 to 4 times a day.

Complete information about Lagotto Romagnolo Breed:

Overview :

Lagotto Romagnolo is a well proportioned medium size dog with a well muscled body and a dense wooly curly coat. The curly thick coat makes the dog look like a poodle. Poodles are considered to be lady’s pets as they are most commonly seen in the company of women. The Lagotto Romagnolo though has a well muscled robust body. In spite of the attractive curly coat, male owners will not be ashamed to be seen walking a Lagotto Romagnolo as the dog is obviously a working breed. Similar to a poodle, the dog sheds very little. It would even seem that the dog does not shed at all. Actually dead hair is tangled in the dense fur. This kind of fur is termed as hypoallergenic The Lagotto Romagnolo has earned the nickname “Truffle Dog”. In Italy, a truffle is a much prized underground tuber. These fungi have a strong aroma that is used by the Italians to flavor rice dishes and pasta sauces. Because of the dog’s keen sense of smell it can locate the much valued edible fungi. This is the only breed used for truffle searching. The size of the dog makes it easily search low bushes and the thick coat serves as protection against brambles and thorny shrubs. Lagotti are working dogs. This breed would be happiest if given a task to do. They have an exceptional talent for searching. The dog’s hunting instinct was removed. Unlike other dogs that would be distracted with the sight or scent of other animals or prey, this dog seems to have a one track mind that enables them to concentrate on the work at hand. These are highly intelligent dogs that would need to be given constant mental stimulation. Aside from searching for truffles other brain activities would be searching for people and playing hide and seek with the children. Lagotto Romagnolo is a hardy breed and one that has no genetic defects. The dog is expected to live for 15 to 17 years.

Lagotto Romagnolo History :

Lagotto Romagnolo is a small rural dog that has existed in Romagna, the vast marshland in north eastern Italy. The dog is believed to have existed as early as 16th century in the Comacchio lowlands and Ravenna marshlands. This dog was specifically used as retrievers by waterfowl hunters. Because of the dog’s coat that makes it withstand the icy cold water for hours, the Lagotto has excelled as retrievers for centuries. The dog was also used as an efficient guard dog that protects the family and the properties. Towards the end of the 19th century, the function the dog was known for changed. The vast marshlands were drained causing the disappearance of large flocks of waterfowls. The Lagotto Romagnolo finds another function, that of searching for the expensive truffle. The dog’s excellent sense of smell enables it to find the much prized underground tuber. In the 1920s the dog was so well known all over Italy. In spite of this fact, no initiative was taken to establish the Lagotto Romagnolo as a pure breed. Thanks to Quintino Toschi, Dr. Antonio Morsiani, Prof. Francesco Ballota and Lodovico Babini, the Lagotto was established as a recognized breed. In 1995 the breed was recognized by the FCI. The Lagotto Romagnolo’s population is rapidly increasing and the dog is enjoying enormous popularity in different countries if the world.

Lagotto Romagnolo Temperament and Character :

The Lagotto is a working dog. It has a natural gift for searching and its very good nose has made this breed very efficient in truffle searching. While on the search he is not usually distracted by the scent of wild animals or other dogs. The Lagotto is loyal, keen, affectionate, very attached to his owner and easy to train. It gets on well with other dogs and the other pets if sufficiently socialized. It is an excellent family companion and a very good warning dog. The lagotto is a good pet and loves people, but in addition to needing plenty of exercise, they need to use their brain. This intelligent dog needs a job to do, something to keep its mind occupied. Tracking, games of searching for people in the woods or searching for mushrooms are some ideas. Obedience is also something they like and are good at, and agility is a favorite! If you’re not interested in competition, you can always play hide and seek at home. As long as you let the dog use it’s brain, it won't have to find things to do on it’s own (that’s never anything good!) In Sweden the breed is very popular. For some this breed is perfect, because of it’s allergy friendly, non shedding coat, it’s medium size, it’s happy disposition, it’s intelligence and it’s willingness to work. Make sure you are this dog's firm, but calm, consistent pack leader. Proper human to canine communication is essential to ensure they get along with other dogs and listen to human commands.

Lagotto Romagnolo Health Care :

Lagotto Romagnolos are known as healthy dogs Although some possible health concerns include cerebral anomaly and hip dysplasia.

Lagotto Romagnolo Grooming :

Lagotto Romagnolos dense and curly coat needs regular care. Their coat consists of woolly, curly and thick fur. Their coats are hypoallergenic and said not to shed. It mats easily. The Lagotto Romagnolo should not be brushed in the show ring. Their fur should retain its curl, but not be too long to overshadow the body line. Lagotto Romagnolos' coat should be trimmed once a year, and should be separated without tearing, as it will mat easily. Some say the coat should be brushed regularly, while others disagree and believe it should grow as it is as a working dog. The coat is preferably 1.5 inches long all around.

Lagotto Romagnolo Training :

The Lagotto Romagnolo is adaptable to most living situations. They are eager to learn and are easy to train.Early socialization and obedience are recommended. They will not respond to harsh or heavy-handed methods. Training must be done with positive reinforcement, fairness, patience, and consistency

Lagotto Romagnolo Activity and Exercise :

The Lagotto needs plenty of exercise. This breed loves to walk next to its owner and need to be taken on a daily long walk. While out on the walk the dog must be made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead, as in a dog's mind the leader leads the way, and that leader needs to be the human. The Lagotto loves to swim. They would greatly benefit from long daily walks and play sessions with their owners, and would greatly enjoy them as well.

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Lagotto Romagnolo breed Photos

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Lagotto Romagnolo