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Some tips on dalmatian care

This is a discussion on Some tips on dalmatian care within the Member Articles forums, part of the Vet Arena Community category; " src="" />Having a dog is a tremendous responsibility. It is a commitment for the next 13 /14 years.It starts from the day you get your puppy home.Correct feeding, not too much or to little. A puppy should be a ... Some tips on dalmatian care

Some tips on dalmatian care

Some tips on dalmatian careHaving a dog is a tremendous responsibility. It is a commitment for the next 13 /14 years.It starts from the day you get your puppy home.Correct feeding, not too much or to little. A puppy should be a little rolly -polly. But there is also another side to it. To FAT- The puppy is more round - almost ball shaped with no hint of waist line.. you will start damaging the puppies health. Yes To FAT and your puppy’s heart will start straning- working far too hard to push the blood around.Then it is the joints- leading to hip dysplasia and arthritis in later years. And you think you are doing your dog a faviour.?

Then it is the other side of the scales.To THIN -you can see your dogs ribs sticking out and he has a hollow waist and the pin bones (hip bones) might show slightly..or even worse.Your dog will not grow properly due to lack of nuragement and again the heart will be affected. It is really not that difficult.

In adulthood your dog should stay around 25-27 KG for a bitch and up maximum 30 KG for a male.A dog does NOT GET FAT by it selfe. The more you feed the more he will eat.The Dalmatian is a gready dog and LOVES food. Yes some of you “feed fruit and vegetables” Rice, pasta and all that WITH his NORMAL portians of ordinary food - be it complet or tin..What you are doing is just adding weight to your dog. If you choose to feed other foods with his normal dog food.. GIVE LESS DOG FOOD.. It doesn’t take a genious to work that out.

How much excersise do you give your dog in comparason with the food you feed? 1 or 2 short walks a day ? Perhaps 1/2 hour free run. .Come on Who are you kidding ? Poor dog he will soon get so fat that he can hardly walk and when that happens.. your VET will love you because you have to be a frequent visitor with your sad dog who DID NOT ask to be treated this way. Do you really love your dog ??


The Dalmatian requiers a fair amount of excersise like a good 1/2 houre to 45 minutes walk every day come rain or sun and a good 40 minutes free running to burn off calories and to keep himself fit and healthy. A fit Dalmatian can run for hours.He is afterall a coach dog..Running with horses.!!

One of the most important thing for you is to have your DALMATIAN insured. Vets bills ARE expensive and being a dog owner YOU are liable for you dogs actions, damages for example that your dog causes to humans and other pets (biting), property, if your dog is connected with an accident, etc. Ask the VET that you want to register with, which pet insurance scheme he recommends. You do not want an insurer who questions everything the vet does or has done.You do NOT want an insurance company that excludes a treatment your dog has had in the past , when you renew the policy with them , or an insurance company that bumps up the fees each year BECAUSE your dog has had a claim. Stick with a well known pet insurance company !!! The Dalmatian is on the whole a healthy breed and very adaptable to today’s hectic life styles and living conditions.

The Dalmatian can how ever suffer from the same diseases and ailment that humans get as they grow up. Colds, Allergy’s, cancer, heart diseases, joint and hip discomforts, arthritis etc.. These ailments are not uncommon in dogs and cats. Even forms of AIDS. It is essential that you find your self a good Veterinary practice and build up a relationship with your Vet, as you and your Dalmatian will be making many visits over the years.

At the first visit your puppy will have its first vaccination (unless the breeder have already provided with the first Vaccination) and health check.

It is important that you keep your dogs vaccinations up to date.

Your puppy will be vaccinated against :

Distemper :
Also known as hard pad - which is a viral disease. There are a number of symptoms to look fore, sore throat, raised temperature, a greenish coloured discharge from nose and eyes, loss of appetite, fits, paralysis
This is a very contagious disease.

Parvo Virus:
A potentially fatal viral disease, again there are a number of symptoms such as diarrhoea with a substantial amount of blood, vomiting, disorientation and followed by a sudden collapse.

Canine hepatitis:
A viral disease , which is associated with the larger internal organs such as respiratory parts, intestine, liver and kidney .It can also affect the eyes.
Symptoms can be high temperature, listlessness, behaviour changes, fits and loss of weight. It is a very violent disease and can be fatal within a short space of time

A potentially fatal disease. It basically affects the kidneys. Symptoms are excess drinking of water and vomiting, loss of appetite and weight loss.

Kennel cough:
This is not a vaccine routinely given by the Vets but it is strongly recommended. The Kennel cough is probably best described as the Canine form of whooping cough and can be most disturbing for the dog and owner. Most boarding kennels insists on this vaccination. It is given in a liquid form up the nostrils of the dog, so not the most pleasant “vaccination” to receive
If you show your dog or you go to places where you meet lots of other dogs , I strongly recommend that you have this done every 6 months.
Should your dog get a cough and your dog has had the vaccine a simple cough mix might take some of the discomfort away.( Benelyn paediatric for example) You give child dose. But, remember to take the dog to the VET as there can be a more serious factor behind all this.
Worming is also a must. I strongly advice you to worm your dog every 3 months against, tape worm, round worm and hook worms. You can get this from your local Vet or a good pet shop.
As the Dalmatian is a breed that will eat anything and every thing this is a good security for you and your family. Some of these worms can be picked up by humans.
The Vet will give you the correct worming medication and dose for your dog.

The elderly dog needs a lot more care and attention. Though they seem to be very active, their requirements are not the hectic lifestyle they had as puppies.

They want to sleep more, they want to hug the fire place or the radiator. They want to stay warm, perhaps they are slower at eating and walking. They suffer the same ailments as old people arthritis, leaky bladder, incontinence, deafness, blindness, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, just to mention a few.

The hardest part is when YOU have to make the decision to let go of your “sick” or elderly dog who has been with you and around you for many years. A constant companion.Me and my shaddowI
Is it right to carry the dog out to do his stuff because he isn’t able to walk any more?

Is it right to keep them going when they are totally blind and deaf and find it difficult or impossible to move around?

Is it right to keep them alive when they have had a stroke and is partly paralysed and cannot function properly?

Is it right to let them suffer when their pain is so much from arthritis that walking, sitting down and going to bed is a chore.

Is it right to keep them suffering when the medications you FEED them doesn’t work and the dosage just get higher and higher but it makes you feel better thinking the dog is OK?

Is it right to let THEM suffer because YOU haven’t got the guts to let go or admit that YOUR dog IS suffering? Is this really loving and caring for your beloved Dalmatian?

This is the most difficult part of dog ownership. When is the right time to stop the suffering or indignity that so many dogs feel when they no longer have full control. Is it ever the right time?

Who are you delaying the decisions for. It’s YOU. The kindest thing to do is let go. Your dog deserves that from you. They have shown you loyalty from the day you brought this tiny puppy home. They have worshiped the ground you and the family walked on. Do they deserve anything less? IF you truly love your dog, this is the kindest thing to do.

The DALMATIAN will ALWAYS wag his tail, no matter how much pain they suffer.
Even when they take their LAST breath and look you in the eyes they will still wag their tail and say THANK YOU for your love and letting them go.
If you can do this for YOUR DALMATIAN then you are TRULY a Dalmatian lover.

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Some tips on dalmatian care

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Some tips on dalmatian care

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